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According to Robinson, the Miami Dolphins have emerged as frontrunners for Watson in trade talks with the Texans. Other teams in “some element of trade consideration” include the Philadelphia Eagles, Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos.
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Homecoming quote: "I had been working on this deal for 48 months. Basically I have dreamt of bringing Ricky back from the moment he left!" -- AC Milan vice president Adriano Galliani College Teams
Here are some of the notable players who have been let go throughout the league ahead of Tuesday's 4 p.m. ET deadline: NFL
Cheetah on a go route? Good luck to just about any corner, even one of Breeland’s caliber. Breeland knew the Chiefs offense all too well, considering he spent the previous two seasons in Kansas City. That did not even help improve his odds of covering Hill. MLB
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For McQuaide, this season on a new team shouldn't come with many differences. Snapping for the same kicker and coordinator, he should fit right in as most long snappers with his reputation do. At such an unspoken position, being a Pro Bowl-caliber player speaks to his consistency. There hopefully won't be any talk about McQuaide during the season and he'll step in as if Ladouceur never left. With that said, his arrival is bittersweet for fans that knew of Ladouceur's value and consistency in Dallas and any mistake for McQuaide won't be taken lightly. For all the questions on the special teams unit, McQuaide shouldn't draw any eyes and be the most consistent player on the field.
Blank Wall Plate Home Hardware
But ultimately, that’s not all that important to the Patriots. What is important? Well, the Patriots have to figure out if Mac Jones is better than Cam Newton, who did not practice on Wednesday after accidentally violating COVID-19 protocols.
Look, all these guys can be starting right now but we in the same room, so yeah man, I like our group. Gamble plays the position in a disrespectful way, I like it, I like that he doesn’t like other players. If you don’t play for Florida, he don’t like you. NHL

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