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The opposition also included declarations from 16-year major league players Wally Joyner and Mike Sweeney, who emphasized the commonality and acceptance of the practice and lauded Harkins' reputation. Declarations were also made by longtime Chicago White Sox clubhouse manager Gabe Morell and former Angels bat boy and clubhouse attendant Vince Willet. Seattle Mariners Face Coverings
In trading Darvish, the Cubs clearly sent the message that 2021 is a reload, restart or retool, depending on your preferred description. While Hoyer indicated the Cubs aren't going to go down the same road they did back in 2011 and 2012, when they tore everything down -- "That would be foolish," he said -- as Buster Olney wrote on Sunday, "Every team knows the Cubs are motivated sellers this winter." The problem is third baseman Kris Bryant is all but untradeable because of his bad 2020 and projected $19 million salary. Outfielder Jason Heyward is still under contract for three more seasons at more than $20 million per year. Right-hander Kyle Hendricks is now the staff ace and signed to a reasonable contract through 2024 so it doesn't make sense to trade him. Shortstop Javier Baez and first baseman Anthony Rizzo are free agents after 2021, but the Cubs would like to re-sign both players. That leaves Contreras, who is under team control for two more seasons and projects to make about $5.5 million in 2021, as the player who has some real trade value the Cubs might deal. Detroit Tigers Face Coverings
Is that a lot? Well, no. One-year deals carry very little risk for teams, and $10 million doesn’t buy much in terms of expectations on the market. It is notable that Schwarber found more money in his unexpected free agency than the Cubs would have likely had to pay him to simply keep him around. It’s estimated he would have made somewhere between $7 million and $9.3 million through the arbitration process, but apparently that was too much for Chicago.
So far this offseason, the Red Sox have been able to bolster their depth with a couple of minor moves, but they've come up short when it comes to higher-profile pieces. Houston Astros Face Coverings
“I’m gonna make a prediction here,” he bellowed. “Two of you pitchers, maybe three, will win a Cy Young Award!” Colorado Rockies Face Coverings
While the Boston Red Sox "haven't ruled out" the possibility of signing a player who would cost them a draft pick (such as Springer or Trevor Bauer), "team officials privately concede" that it is unlikely, reports Alex Speier of The Boston Globe.
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At the beginning of the offseason, free-agent pitcher Jon Lester communicated to Cubs owner Tom Ricketts and top executives Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer that he wants to return to the organization to win his 200th game in Chicago.

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